E-UI Brings Efficiency! HiWatch New GUI Released [20190523]


Hikvision HiWatch Series DVR has newly released its new graphic user interface, E-UI. It is designed with easy recognized icons and simple operation flows. E-UI is CLEAR, EFFICIENT, and SMART.


1. Only 5 major functions on the header making it easy to access the most frequent operation.

2. The configuration part is divided to "Easy Mode" and "Expert Mode". "Easy Mode" re-organized into 5 modules, 
clear and concise. If you need professional detailed configuration, you can use "Expert Mode".


1. Using one-click operation to start Auto-Switch, Split, All-day Recording, and Full Screen.

2. One QR code to reset your password. Newly support to restore password via reserved email by scanning QR code in APP.
Input a reserved email address while activating the device, when the device password is forgotten, you can
1). Click "Forget Password"
2). Scan the QR code with Hik-Connect APP
3). Check your reserved email for verification code
4). Use the verification code to create new password


1. Support smart event playback, you are able to set up the playback speed for Event or Normal recording, 
you can also choose to playback only the Event recording.

2. Multi-channel clipping, export records from different channels.

3. No plug-in solution, support Chrome and Firefox without plug-in.